__(garçon manqué, femme réussie /  band)

I wanted to collect these images here because I believe that Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo is one very fantastic, very amazing woman. I love her style. Then I wanted Joe to say something about Yo La. Joe is a great friend of mine and he is also the biggest fan of music I will ever know. If it weren't for Joe, I don't think I would have paid that much attention to Georgia, even though I've listened to the band with immense pleasure and awe for the longest time. Now Joe and I love Georgia Hubley equally and tremendously. In fact we have decided to watch these films, Georgia's favorite, one every month. I will make food and Joe will bring beer. It's going to be great. Here are the words that Joe contributed to this homage: 

I suppose I am too old [Joe's 30, not old ;-] to have a favorite band. As a record nerd, I embrace all genres/styles/movements of music. It is an endless universe well worth exploring. The sounds are infinite. This is what excites me about Yo La Tengo. They are record collecting fiends who are never afraid to experiment, be it with drone filled jams or three part melodic folk melodies. They span the music world effortlessly, without pretension. Yo La Tengo is a band that is at once familiar but always distinct. It is why I love them. They remind me of what a transforming art form music can be. It’s like I am a five year old again spinning my parents 45’s on my Big Bird record player.